DNA Damage, Chromosome Stability, and Cancer

G, A, T, and C: four letters strung together in a sequence over 3,200,000,000 letters long, paired with a complementary partner and divided into 23 pairs of chromosomes (22 autosomes and the X and Y sex chromosomes) that provide the template to make each of us who we are. Additions, deletions, and changes to this code (mutations) have contributed to our evolution over millions of years. These changes, even if they only occur in a single cell in the body, can have dire consequences for a person if they lead to dysregulation and uncontrolled growth of the cell.

Welcome to the Pannunzio Lab! We are a Cancer Genetics lab that focuses on mechanisms underpinning the large-scale chromosome rearrangments that occur in B cells and result in leukemia and lymphoma. We do this by studying how a person’s genetic background and lifestyle (diet, environment, medical intervention, etc.) contribute to damage to DNA that can result in cancer.

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The Pannunzio Laboratory
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